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1000 Words of Advice for Design Students

There are a million things to learn in design school, but what about the things you need to know “about” design school? In an effort to be clear and concise—something your teachers are always bugging you to do—here are exactly 1000 words of advice for design students (clichés included): Keep your ear to the ground. The best gossip is any … Read More

Why Design Education Must Change

“I am forced to read a lot of crap. As a reviewer of submissions to design journals and conferences, as a juror of design contests, and as a mentor and advisor to design students and faculty, I read outrageous claims made by designers who have little understanding of the complexity of the problems they are attempting to solve or of … Read More

Five Best Interior Design Schools in Chicago

Interior designers design the aesthetics and functional options to fill in the spaces inside houses, office buildings and other facilities. Chicago is rich in institutions for higher education offering degree and other academic programs in this creative and applied arts’ field. Students travel from diverse areas from greater Chicago, the United States and abroad to attend the College offerings here. … Read More

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