Graduate Degrees: Best Interior Design Schools

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If you’ve already received your bachelor’s degree in interior design, where do you go from here? With a master’s degree, interior designers can become licensed practitioners. It can also be hard finding a job with an interior design firm right after college. It’s that old catch-22 where a company is looking to hire someone with experience, but you need someone to give you an opportunity in order to get experience.

Some companies now offer internships or trial periods, where you don’t get paid, but you have the opportunity to prove yourself. These trial periods usually last from 3 to 6 months and at the end of that time period, they’ll either hire you or send you on your way. I know, it sounds harsh, but interior design is a competitive field these days.

If you don’t think an internship will work for you, you could always jump right back into school. Get a graduate degree in interior design and gain valuable experience while you’re at it. It may even be possible for you to attend graduate school while doing an internship. This way, your education and living expenses could be paid for with student loans. Below is a list of top interior design schools as ranked by U.S. New & World Report:

  1. Pratt Institute
  2. – Brooklyn, NY

  3. California College of the Arts
  4. – San Francisco, CA

  5. Ohio State University
  6. – Columbus, OH

  7. School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  8. – Chicago, IL

You can also take a look at the schools listed on that offer a master’s degree in interior design.

If you have not completed your undergraduate degree, but you are still interested in studying interior design, we have a list of schools that can help you get a certificate, diploma, associate or bachelor’s degree in interior design.

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