The 25 Best Design Schools from

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With so many design schools out there, how do you truly decide what the 25 best design schools are? I don’t believe there is one simple algorithm or mathematical equation that when run, would give you the 25 best design schools. Creating this type of list takes research, which is exactly what the folks at did this past year. … Read More

Employment-Based Student Aid

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There are two main forms of employment-based student aid, work-study and employer tuition assistance. Federal work-study is based on financial need. It provides you the student with a part-time job, typically involving 10 to 15 hours of work per week. The earnings are not subject to FICA but are subject to federal income tax. These earnings also do not have … Read More

Scholarships & Grants

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Scholarships are free money to help you pay for college. They do not need to be repaid. Some grants and scholarships are based on financial need (the difference between the total cost of college and ability to pay), some are based on academic, artistic or athletic merit, and others are based on unusual criteria, such as creating a prom costume … Read More

Student Loans

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There are two main types of student loans, federal and private. You should always borrow federal first, as the federal loans are cheaper, more available and have better repayment terms. The interest rates on federal loans are fixed while the interest rates on private student loans are variable. Federal loans will generally cost you less money over the term of … Read More

Education Tax Benefits

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Many families overlook the education tax benefits. These are tax credits and exclusions from income that are claimed on your federal income tax return. While they don’t provide money up front, they can give you a little money back on your taxes based on amounts you paid for certain college expenses, such as tuition and fees. The Hope Scholarship Tax … Read More

Understanding the FAFSA

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There is an abundance of state aid available to students attending private and public schools. But most schools still require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to help them determine how much aid is needed and how that aid should be packaged. How does it work? The FAFSA is used to calculate the Expected Family Contribution … Read More

Borrowing Smart

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Here are several good tips for borrowing smart: Minimize your debt. Live like a student while you are in school so you don’t have to live like a student after you graduate. Every $100 you spend using student loan money now will cost you about $200 by the time you pay off your loans. Avoid overborrowing. Don’t borrow more for … Read More

Design Career Guidance

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The field of design encompasses a wide variety of areas, including interior, floral, graphic, toy, fashion, commercial, and set design. Designers are charged with bringing aesthetic appeal and functionality to all sorts of aspects of life and are responsible for the creation of almost every object around us. Most designers choose a specialty, such as interior design or fashion design, … Read More

Design Career Specialties

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Design covers a variety of specialities, but what all designers share is an interest in combining aesthetic appeal with usefulness and functionality. 3D Design: 3D Design involves the creation of three-dimensional models on a computer that can be used in the physical production of objects. Advertising: Advertising designers create the visual aspects of an advertising campaign, including graphics, packages, and … Read More

Design School Continuing Education

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Continuing education in design is an increasingly popular option for current designers and career changers to refine old skills and learn new ones. Keeping your knowledge current with the newest technology and trends is the best way to remain an active competitor in the field of design. The evolution of technology in the past 10-15 years has clearly changed the … Read More