Design Career Paths

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Designers combine practical knowledge and skills with artistic abilites to create objects from clothing to furniture to websites and more. They take an abstract concept, lay out plans for how to develop it, and then create the item they had in mind. Designers usually specialize in one area, and most undergo formal training and licensure. Many use computers in their … Read More

International Design School & Education Resources

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Are you considering studying design abroad? Maybe you’re a student wishing to study design in the United States. In either case, you’ll find an array of resources to help you learn more about studying design in a foreign country. Educational Funding International Education Financial Aid – Information regarding international education funding International Scholarships – A free scholarship search for US … Read More

Studying Design Abroad

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An international education, be it a semester abroad or a full degree program in another country, can be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences in a person’s life. There is much to be gained from learning a new culture, experiencing new challenges and opening your mind to a whole new world. Although the events of September 11th may … Read More

Guide to Design Majors & Programs

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Design encompasses a wide variety of activities and disciplines, but all are about making products, messages, or systems that are at once pleasing and useful. Design majors and degree programs may focus on any of the areas listed below. Visit the external links for additional information about that field. Jump to the specific major or program you’re looking for: 3-D … Read More

Design School Financial Aid

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At private colleges and universities, as well as career-focused schools, the cost for a design education (tuition, room, and board, plus costs for books, supplies, and computer software) can reach as high as $40,000 to $50,000 annually. Funding your education can seem like a daunting task, yet there are many good sources out there to help you find the money … Read More

Theme Park Design

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Theme park designers and master planners are unique in that they design to entertain, amaze and transform their audience through the right balance between immersive environments, high-tech thrills, and high-impact emotional content. Theme Park designers employ a variety of techniques including experiential, environmental, and breakthrough theatrical and film techniques; their aim being to create a theme park or attraction that … Read More

Design Career Profiles: Toy Design

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Toy designers create new and unique toy concepts, activities, and games for children and adults. They then bring these ideas to life for a client or market them to manufacturers. Toy design is often a segment of commercial and industrial design. The Work Toy designers may be self-employed, or work for larger design service firms on a contract basis. Some … Read More

Design Career Profiles: Industrial Design

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Industrial and commercial designers use the disciplines of art, business, and engineering to design everyday products — from smart phones to medical equipment to household goods, and beyond. Each day, you rely on products designed by industrial designers. It is these designers who are responsible for a manufactured products’s style, function (or usability), quality, and safety. The Work Because commercial … Read More

Design Career Profiles: Costume Designer

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Costume designers are responsible for the costumes needed for theatrical productions, television shows, and movies. As such, they help tell stories, and are an integral part of bringing characters in a movie, play, or TV show to life. It is costume designers who research what’s needed, determine the condition of what’s available, and then select, procure, fit, alter and clean … Read More